Casting and Machining


We are committed to providing excellent quality manufacturing service to customers home and abroad. Customer satisfaction and good customer relation is what we pursue.

1, blank casting (non CNC machined)
Lots of customers order raw castings and our company is happy to help. Besides dimensional and geometrical control, we use X-ray technology in the development phase. To ensure quality deliveries, we usually do one or two small productions in the beginning.

2, finish machined castings
Our factory has over 30 CNC machines. We are able to satisfy most customers’ machining requests. For machining methods and tolerance and limits, please go to the webpage of manufacturing capabilities.

3, fully CNC machined parts (not casting)
We offer fully CNC machined parts independently of castings. Our CNC machines process steel, aluminum and brass.

4, engineering consultation
Contact us if you need help with any aspect of design and manufacturing. We are ready to assist.